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How do I find the most Affordable Family Photographers in Houston Texas?

Family photography is a very important part of any family’s life. You want to make sure you capture your family’s memories at an affordable price! I am going to show you the top 10 affordable photographers in a Google search and breakdown their pricing and experience to help you find the most affordable family photographer serving Houston, Texas! The most effective way to find the best family photographer in Houston is to perform a Google search. Simply enter the keyword “affordable family photographers Houston, Texas” into your search engine and see the results! You’ll find a wide variety of results, so it’s important that you narrow down by experience and price!

Next, look at each photographers web site for years of experience, are they a full-time photographer and their pricing structure. Let’s take a look at and breakdown the top 5!

  1. Bri Sullivan Photography
    • Years of experience: 10+ years
    • Full-time photographer
    • Outdoor Family Sessions – $150 All-inclusive
  2. Sarah Borchgrevink Photography
    • Year of experience: NA
    • Full-time photographer
    • Studio Family Sessions – $450 All-inclusive
    • Outdoor Family Sessions – $850 All-inclusive
  3. Rob Greer Photography
    • Years of experienceFull-time : 19+ years
    • Full-time photographer
    • Charges by the hour; 1 hour for $350 (web site does not state if this is an all-inclusive pricing structure).
  4. Eliana Stengel Photography
    • Studio closed (3-13-2023 publication Date)
  5. Amalya Shandelman Photography
    • Years of experience: NA
    • Full-time photographer
    • Family Sessions – $800 all-inclusive

The average cost of a family photography session in Houston, Texas is $500!

As you can see, the cost for an affordable family photography session in Houston, Texas is between $150 – $850! With the average cost being $500! So, before you hire a family photographer do some additional research before you book a session;

  • Look at the portfolios of the photographers you like the look of and see how they go about photographing families.
  • Take a look at their websites or contact them by email for their exact pricing structure!
  • Get as many referrals from family and friends as you can.
  • Choose one who is a full-time photographer with over 5 years of experience and is affordable!
  • And, have fun searching!

Links to the photographers websites for more information

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