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Here are 5 ways to get your children excited for a family portrait session!

Each family in The Woodlands, Texas is entirely unique, so photographing them is always a unique experience! The parents are generally cooperative, but the kids, well, that’s another story. Here are some fun and fool-proof ways to entertain your children and get them excited about family photography!

  1. Let them pick their outfits! Sure, give them a few to choose from. They can choose what they want to wear. Done! Come session day, watch their pride.
  2. Set an award after your session. Afterward, you can all go to the movie theater and see a new movie!
  3. Talk about it. Don’t make it a hassle. Show them how exciting these photo sessions are and they will show up more excited!
  4. Display other family sessions. It could be celebrities from their favorite shows or movies. These footsteps will inspire them!
  5. Maybe they’re caught up in social media. Tell them you’ll post these to Facebook or Instagram and ask them to check how many ‘likes’ they receive!
  6. Your attitude will ultimately affect your kids. Show up smiling, happy, and ready to go. I’m sure they’ll follow.
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